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Speaker Interview: Alexander Korotkov

In-memory OLTP storage with persistence and transaction support   Wednesday 12:10   Baltic II+III

Blog: GitHub: akorotkov Facebook: Alexander Korotkov

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi! I'm Alexander Korotkov. I've contributed to PostgreSQL support for pluggable index access methods, multiple enhancements to indexing, statistics and multicore scalability. I'm also co-founder and head of development in Postgres Professional company.

Have you enjoyed previous conferences, either as attendee or as speaker?

I've attended every conference as a speaker since 2011. And yes, I enjoy very much every year. It's very nice that every year this conference is held in different beautiful European city. However, I guess it requires extraordinary efforts from the organizers whose I appreciate very much.

What will your talk be about, exactly? Why this topic?

My talk would be about prototype of in-memory OLTP storage implemented using FDW interface. But major idea of the talk is not to discuss this storage itself (despite it's also worth discussion), but see on it as a example for pluggable storages whose native API PostgreSQL is lacking of so much.

What is the audience for your talk?

People who empathize PostgreSQL development, because my talk not about features whose would be ready for production today or tomorrow. My talk would be more about long distance goals for PostgreSQL whose are very important to achieve.

What existing knowledge should the attendee have?

It would be nice if attendee have basic knowledge about data structures used in PostgreSQL heap and indexes and MVCC. However, I'll try to give a short introduction into referred subjects. So, don't give up if you feel that you're interested in topic but missed some required knowledge.