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Speaker Interview: Feike Steenbergen

Analyzing Database Performance   Wednesday 11:10   Congress

Twitter: @ekief LinkedIn: feike-steenbergen

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

I have been working with databases for a bit more than a decade, currently at Adyen. I have always liked solving performance mysteries and helping others solve those mysteries. To enable others to do so I have given workshops around the EXPLAIN command.

While at Zalando, I was part of the team that built Patroni (HA solution for PostgreSQL with fast failover).

Have you enjoyed previous conferences, either as attendee or as speaker?

My two previous visits (Vienna, Talinn) have been great. Not only have the talks given me good food for thought, the conferences also gave me a chance to meet other community members and catch up with former colleagues.

What will your talk be about, exactly?

My purpose is to help you find out what is happening in your database.

I will show what basic information and tools are available in PostgreSQL to investigate performance issues. I will cover statistics, diagnostic logs, EXPLAIN (ANALYZE) and some simple profiling of your database.

I will show that with very basic tools (psql, shell) you can do a lot of useful performance analysis.

Why this topic?

This information is available to all (even cloud based) PostgreSQL databases. You can therefore immediately apply this knowledge without installing any additional tools.

Knowing these tools helps you identify performance issues you may have. This in turn may allow your application to scale better, or might allow you to run your database on smaller instances.

What is the audience for your talk?

My talk is aimed at people that are new to PostgreSQL, to performance analysis, or who are interested in monitoring PostgreSQL.