This site is about a previous instance of this event. For the current event, please see the updated site.

Warsaw Marriott Hotel

This year, PostgreSQL Conference Europe will be held at the Warsaw Marriott Hotel in downtown Warsaw, Poland.

Visitors from out of town can also take advantage of staying at the hotel, to get the easiest possible access to the conference, our events and seeing the city!

Note! Our negotiated discount rate at the Marriott Warsaw has been sold out. At this point, you can still make reservations at the standard rate from the Marriott website.

Arriving by air

Warsaw Marriott Hotel is only 8.2 kilometres from the Warsaw Chopin Airport and 41 kilometres from the Modlin Airport. The city can be reached via public transport, taxi or Uber.

Taxi from Warsaw Chopin Airport (Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina) takes approximately 20 minutes (about 15 minutes longer during peak hours due to traffic jams), and costs around 45 PLN. The Taxi companies licensed to operate at the airport are Ele Taxi, Super Taxi and Sawa Taxi. The bus, line S2 (6 stops) or bus 175 (16 stops) should take approximately 30 minutes. Since the bus can take a little longer, purchase a 40 minute ticket to avoid getting a fine if controlled.

Taxi from Modlin Airport (Mazowiecki Port Lotniczy Warszawa-Modlin) should take approximately 35-40 min; fixed price to Warsaw Center Zone ~159 PLN (~38€ Sawataxi or Modlin Taxi). For going to Warsaw by train from the airport, the ticket price is 19,80 PLN (~5€). See lines:

  • Line ZL to Modlin (Line Modlin Lotnisko to Modlin)
  • Line RL to Warszawa Wschodnia (line Modlin to Warszawa Lotn. Chopina)
  • Line R8 to Warszawa Śródmieście (line Warszawa Wschodnia to Warka)

When travelling by train from the airport, please note that Modlin and Warsaw Modlin Airport are outside Warsaw fare zones and KM (Koleje Mazowieckie) ticket should be purchased. More information can be found here.


For safety reasons we strongly advise you to use licensed taxi services (beacon sign "TAXI", a hologram with the license number and the vehicle's registration number on the the front glass and on yellow/red stripes with the symbol of Warsaw). Taxi tariffs should be clearly displayed in the car window. Driver is obliged to give passenger a receipt (with ID of the taxi and the vehicle's registration number). Taxi maximum rates are limited by law: Initial/starting fee - 8 PLN; Day fare: urban zone 3 PLN/km suburban 6 PLN/kmx; Night fare: urban zone 4.50 PLN/km; suburban 6 PLN/km (price increases on holiday or weekend)

Best way to order taxi is via the Polska Sieć Taxi 19123 app (Android). Uber is also available for Warsaw.

Public Transport

The ZTM transport card as well as single tickets are valid in public city buses, tram and metro. Tickets can be purchased in automated ticket machines which are easy to find in downtown Warsaw. The cost of a single ticket is 3.4zl (for 20 Minutes). You can buy: time ticket (20min) for 3.4zl (~0.8€), 24 hours ticket for 26zl (~6.20€) or 74hours ticket for 57zl (~13.20€) (usable on zone 1 and 2). All prices are listed on the ZTM website.

Tickets are also sold by the driver when you enter the bus, but beware that exact change will be required. You can only use cash to buy a ticket from the bus driver, no cards. Newer buses and trams have ticket machines on board that only take cards.

Zone 1 tickets cover most of the downtown Warsaw area, so will be enough unless you are venturing further out it.

Note! Make sure to validate the ticket when boarding, the ticket is Not valid until it has been validated in the machine.

Best mobile app (online or offline) for ZTM transport service is available here (Android).


In town, the fines are the same for car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians if they violate traffic regulations (crossroads lights, jaywalking etc). To avoid fines and trouble with the authorities, stay on the sidewalk at the crosswalk until the light turns green.

The permitted Blood Alcohol Levels (BAC) in poland is 0.2g / ml, be careful if you drive.